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Le Sanglier des Ardennes: 'Haut' and 'Bas'

Hotel Le Sanglier des Ardennes will carry out extensive renovation works in both buildings: Sanglier Haut and Sanglier Bas. The works will be carried out in different phases.

In the first phase, the entrance and bar of our Gastronomic restaurant in the Sangier Haut, all 23 rooms of the Sanglier Haut and our Wellness facilities are completely renovated and redecorated. This phase is as good as completed.

In the next phase there will be a completely new reception, centrally located between the two buildings and a tunnel that connect both buildings and the reception. So that all customers can easily move within the entire hotel.

The final phase will start at the beginning of next year. The complete demolition and reconstruction of the Sanglier Bas. Once all the reconstructions works are finished, the hotel will have 100 rooms, 3 restaurants, 6 meeting rooms and a wellness center.


Monthly Portret

Wout Bru

With his surprising and original touch, Wout Bru and his team revisit the "classics" to take them to a higher level.

It is no longer necessary to present Wout BRU. After completing his studies at Ter Groene Poort in Bruges, Wout Bru completed his internships abroad. In Eygalières, in the Alpilles, Wout built there its restaurants, become institutions, rewarded by a first star and followed closely by a second star.

Wout then worked in multiple cooking shows on Vitaya and VTM. After having succeeded in France, Wout is now embarking on a new adventure. Marc Coucke and Bart Maerten propose him to take the head of the gastronomic department of the project "La Petite Merveille". He will lead the catering establishments, but he will also be in the kitchen of the gourmet restaurant. With their surprising and original touch, Wout Bru and his team transform the "classics" of gastronomy into an explosion of flavors.

Wout will give the project a gastronomic dimension and one will become a real asset in the beautiful city of Durbuy.

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